Steel crane support plates - from Feinwerk Group

Support plates are used when installing cranes on poor ground, where they provide greater safety.

The plates spare the subsoil and reduce soil compaction.

Feinwerk is your manufacturer for high quality crane support plates.


Quality that inspires!

Secure hold even with the heaviest equipment!

The Feinwerk Group stands for quality at the highest level with over 40 years of experience in steel processing. To the best of our knowledge, all our products are 100% made in Germany. All steel work is carried out in our own halls to the highest standards. Thus we are certified for: DIN EN 1090-2 EXC.3, DIN EN ISO 9001 & DIN EN ISO 3834-2 certified.

Crane support plates are used when the ground is too soft or too sensitive and therefore the support feet of the crane cannot be placed directly on the ground. Our steel support plates provide a secure hold for heavy equipment. The safety of our slabs comes from the fact that the point load of the crane supports is distributed over a large area, thus providing lower point ground pressure.

In addition to our standard assortment, we also offer custom manufacturing upon agreement. This can be done not only by size and load capacity, but also the choice of color from all RAL colors. Due to high flexibility we are able to react quickly to requirements.

Apart from any individual solution, our standard range includes elements up to a size of 2.2 – 3.5m and a maximum load of 250 tons per support plate.

With the help of our specially developed honeycomb structure, we manage to combine maximum load capacity with the minimum possible weight.

In addition, our crane support plates are made of steel – lightweight, inexpensive and durable.

Advantages of our support plates

  • 100% made in Germany by Feinwerk Group
  • over 40 years of experience in steel processing
  • certified according to international standards
  • specially developed honeycomb structure for maximum load capacity
  • with minimum weight

  • painting in all RAL colors
  • customization in color and size by arrangement
  • all crane support platesare calculated in-house
  • all steel work is carried out in our own halls

Our standard assortment

Extra fast delivery of our standard range!

Our standard assortment ranges from 1.2*1.0m to 2.2*3.5m.
We achieve a maximum weight of 250 tons. Due to our high flexibility we are able to react quickly to your requirements.
No suitable size found?
No problem, you are welcome to contact us and we will make for you
custom made one of a kind pieces.

We are certified for international standards

DIN EN 1090-2 EXC.3, DIN EN ISO 9001 & DIN EN ISO 3834-2

4 attachment points to choose from

For easiest and safest handling!

Our anchor points ensure easy and safe handling. With our four different attachment points, you can be sure that there will be no delays or risky situations during operation. The anchor points convince with highest stability and quality. With our lifting points, the greatest possible variety is ensured and there is a suitable solution for every individual request for lifting our crane support plates.
feinwerk-technologies-kranabstuetzplatten-abstuetzplatte- anschlagpunkte

Variante 1

feinwerk-technologies-kranabstuetzplatten-abstuetzplatte- anschlagpunkte

Variante 2

feinwerk-technologies-kranabstuetzplatten-abstuetzplatte- anschlagpunkte

Variante 3

feinwerk-technologies-kranabstuetzplatten-abstuetzplatte- anschlagpunkte

Variante 4

Our stacking corners

Custom designs for extra support!

Due to our precisely fitting stacking corners in three different designs
a safe transport without slipping is guaranteed. Likewise, stacking and storage is guaranteed without risks.

feinwerk-technologies-kranabstuetzplatten-abstuetzplatte-stapelecken- ecken- stapeln

Variante 1

feinwerk-technologies-kranabstuetzplatten-abstuetzplatte-stapelecken- ecken- stapeln

Variante 2

feinwerk-technologies-kranabstuetzplatten-abstuetzplatte-stapelecken- ecken- stapeln

Variante 3

RAL color selection

For the colorful variety!

With us you can choose from all RAL colors.
A little taste of different RAL colors?

You can get it here!

FEM calculation of crane support plates

Calculation of the support plates inhouse!


Feinwerk Group calculates all crane support plates in-house using the finite element method. Special load cases can also be quickly evaluated as a result.

Individual request


Nothing suitable found or specific questions about the product?
I will be happy to assist you in this regard.



Support plates for crane supports are essential for the safe standing of cranes. They help with optimal weight distribution and prevent the crane’s heavy weight from either sinking into the ground or severely damaging the ground. There are steel and plastic shims. We offer our heavy-duty plates made of steel because they are extremely resilient and, thanks to our special honeycomb technology, at the same time have the optimum ratio between load capacity and weight.



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